Cuddle Care

Cuddle Care Guidelines 2019

Norton Children’s Hospital of Louisville, Kentucky, is the chosen charity of LNT.  Our goal is to donate the number of Cuddle Care quilts that equals twice the membership. One hundred sixteen quilts were donated in 2018.

Members may donate completed quilts, unquilted tops, or your talents.  Quarterly Cuddle Care sessions will provide the opportunity for each member to contribute in their area of expertise.  We also accept cash donations for fabric and supplies.

Basic guidelines for Cuddle Care quilts:

1)  100% cotton is the preferred fabric.  Avoid heavy fabric such as denim or corduroy.

2)  Prewash all fabric in hot water and detergent.  Do not use softener or starch.

3)  Cotton or polyester thread.  NO monofilament.

4)  Hand or machine quilt.  NO tied quilts.

5)  All quilts must be 36 inches or wider.  May be longer than 36 inches.

A quilt top that is 36-38 inches wide will be accepted.  These tops will be stockpiled for our annual quilting session in July on the long arm quilting machines at Quilted Joy.

Completed quilts are ideal, but if that is not possible, please help us by providing batting and backing for tops wider than 38 inches.  Our fabric inventory is at a critically low level, so any help with the larger sized battings and backings would be greatly appreciated.

Any questions a member may have regarding Cuddle Care can be addressed to the committee chair or members.

You are invited to show your completed quilt or quilt top during “Show and Tell” at our regular meetings.  We love sharing our creations!

Revised 10-30-18