August 31, 2020 – Cuddle Care Quilt Raffle

This stunning quilt was created by the 2018 members of theCuddle Care Committee, (Debbie Hampton (chair), Debbie Hofelich, Janet Larmee, and Bettye Smith) for the 2018 Quilters’ Day Out “Two Color Quilt” Challenge.  The original design by the committee members is aptly named “Empyrean”, which means “relating to heaven or the sky”.

The background, over a thousand two inch squares of varying shades of purple, was strategically arranged to give the impression of an impending sunrise.  The paper-pieced larger stars were sewn into the top; the smaller stars, made of silk, were appliqued.

Two layers of batting were used, with the top layer being wool in order to add loft and enhance the quilting.   All the quilting, which is free motion, was done by Debbie Hampton.  After the quilting, Swarovski beads were sewn throughout the quilt.

“Empyrean” won the blue ribbon for a Two-Color Quilt at the 2018 Quilters’ Day Out.  It then won 4th place in the 2018 Kentucky State Fair in the class for “Quilts made by a Group of 3 or more”,  and was juried in the Fall 2019 Paducah Quilt Show.

It was after the quilt shows that the Cuddle Care Committee decided to raffle the quilt with proceeds going to the Cuddle Care Committee to help cover expenses involved with LNT’s contributions of quilts to the children at Norton’s Children’s Hospital.

The 2020 Cuddle Care Quilt Raffle was held on August 31, 2020.  In attendance were three of the creators,

Debbie Hampton, Debbie Hofelich, and Bettye Smith.  The third creator, Janet Larmee, was physically absent, but was spiritually present.  Sylvia Kummer, who helped immensely with the quilt raffle, was also in attendance.

After all the tickets were shaken up in a large container, Debbie Hofelich drew the winning ticket.

The winner of the 2020 Cuddle Care Quilt Raffle was Michelle Wolfe.

The quilt was delivered to an ecstatic Michelle that same evening.

Thanks to everyone who assisted the Cuddle Care Committee by encouraging them throughout the process and for purchasing  tickets.

Piecefully yours,


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